Guaidó Morning, Venezuela!

Back on the pod is our Senior Venezuelan Correspondent Elias, joining us from Caracas! Active in the Hands Off Venezuela campaign as well as the Marxist left opposition within the PSUV he brings us up to speed on the ongoing political & economic crisis facing the country & ongoing attempt by imperialist forces to oust Maduro as president.

We discuss the changing political landscape within South America, the context of the imperialist coup attempt, the recent elections that were held, the state of the economy & the evolution of the Maduro government from revolutionary left to bureaucratic administrators of the crisis.

We’re also happy to announce a new partnership with Ricochet Media! We’ve got a new home with them on their kick ass podcast network. Check it out!

For A Progressive International: An Interview With Niki Ashton

For A Progressive International: An Interview With Niki Ashton For A Progressive International: An Interview With Niki Ashton
On today’s show we are happy to announce that Canada’s most progressive politician Niki Ashton is our guest! We discuss the newly formed Progressive International: A cross-border effort to unify left wing political parties and movements from across the globe to help counter-act the rise of the right wing. We talk with Niki about what this movement is all about, what Canada can contribute to the global progressive movement and the importance that international solidarity plays in both political and labour movements across the globe.

2018 a Shit Year in Review

As is tradition the Out of Left Field crew got together for our customary year-in-review episode! We talk about what happened in Canada and the world over: Some good, some neutral, and of course mostly bad things that happened over the year. Since so much stuff went on this past year we’ve separated the episode into two halves for your listening pleasure. And yes, we realise that we forgot to include the Ontario and Quebec elections but hey, we did a couple episodes on those already. Thanks to all our listeners for tuning in and an extra special shout out to our patrons for supporting the show. We’ll see you in 2019!

The Last Liberals

Out of Left Field is expanding and on the move! Today on the show we inaugurate our newest, freshest and third co-host Avery Forrester! We discuss the Canada Post CUPW strike and compare it to the unrest under Macron in France. Can the Liberalism of Trudeau and Macron survive against the contradictions of capitalism and the new right wing, or is it simply a vestige of a previous era? What is to be done to move past this neoliberal hellscape? Let’s find out!!!

Let’s Talk About Dog Whistles

We’re back! With another new episode! Sorry for the delay comrades. Today we have our friend Avery back on the show to discuss “dog whistles” and coded langugage in politics. Does the alt-right & their memes compare to the old “states rights” politics of yesterday? Or is it an entirely different beast altogether? Tune in now to find out!

Quebec Election 2018: Anglo-splain it to Me

The Quebec election was a sea change in the province and us anglophones discuss what went on there, with guest Gabe to help us navigate the political landscape. Quebec Solidaire made big gains, but the sitting government of the CAQ is reactionary and right-wing as ever. We discuss the history of Quebec politics to give us a little context, and chat about what the QS needs to do to fight austerity and make more inroads in the province.

The Definitive Guide to the Housing Crisis

Today we’re joined by an activist with the Victoria Tenants Action Group to talk about the housing crisis in Victoria & other cities in this country and the world. Many locations are suffering from a chronic shortage of housing as well as sky high rents which affects every facet of people’s lives. We discuss how tenants can fight back as well as some other more radical solutions which could transform the housing market.

NAFTA is Part of this Balanced Breakfast

With Donald Trump tearing up trade deals left right and centre around the world we thought we’d chime in with the Canadian perspective on what the hell is going on with NAFTA. It was a pretty crappy trade deal for workers from the beginning, but after several decades of economic restructuring what would its cancellation actually mean? More importantly, what should the labour movement be doing and what is the alternative to free market driven globalistion?