The Final NDP Debate

Today we recap on the final NDP debate that was held in Vancouver and our thoughts on the state of the leadership race for who will replace Thomas Mulcair as leader of the party. We discuss the four candidates, Aboriginal affairs, the Quebec question and whether the NDP needs to sacrifice principles in order to obtain power (plus a few obligatory Niki Ashton plugs here and there)

The Housing Crisis

Today we discuss the housing crisis in British Columbia and other cities around the world: skyrocketing housing costs, rising rents, unaffordability and a lack of supply. What is to be done?

France Voted 2017

France has voted for “centrist” Macron and the extreme right has been defeated – or has it? Today we discuss the ramifications of what happened and what might be going forward.

World War 3?

The world is getting crazier day by day – Trump is president and North Korea is in the news every day. Does this mean world war 3? Probably not, and here’s (probably/hopefully) why.

Sunny Ways

Today we discuss the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau and how well they’ve been governing Canada so far. Also, bonus discussion about the Conservative and NDP leadership races at the end!