NDP 2018 Convention Recap

Today we have two special guests on the show to discuss the recent federal NDP convention. We discuss some of the highlights from the event, the state of internal democracy within the party and chat at length about the controversy surrounding the resolution regarding Israel/Palestine.

No Timbits No Justice No Peace

Today we discuss the minimum wage and why it should also be a living wage, as well as the spectre of automation of work under capitalisism. The minimum wage should be a living wage around the world and any economic system that cannot deliver this should question its own motives.

The War on Drugs feat. Comrade Shane

Our guest comrade Shane who works on the front lines of the fentanyl crisis in BC shares his stories and ideas. We discuss his day to day experienices, the shortcomings of the government response, whether or not decriminalisation would be an effective solution to the problem and how Mack didn’t get his free DARE t-shirt when he was in elementary school.

Austerity Ecology feat. Leigh Phillips

Science journalist and author Leigh Phillips joins us on the show for an extended special episode! We discuss his 2015 book Austerity Ecology and the Collapse-Porn Addicts and the futility of addressing the environmental crisis within the framework of free market capitalism.

Peace Land and Telecommunications

On today’s episode we discuss the telecommunications industry in Canada and the crushing realities of oligopoly: unaffordable rates and slow service characterize an industry that every Canadian loves to hate, and why nationalization and workers control of telecommunications is the way forward.

NDP Leadership Postmortem

Tired of all these NDP leadership episodes? Well, then you’re in luck! Today we finally wrap up our four part series on the subject, take a (mostly) sobre look back at what occurred and discuss what the role of leftists within the party is going forward.