NDP Leadership Race 2017

The race for who will replace Thomas Mulcair as NDP leader within Canada is heating up. Today we discuss who is running in the race and what they represent.

Britain Voted 2017

Today we discuss the recent election in the UK where Labour gave the Conservatives an historical bloody nose.

France Voted 2017

France has voted for “centrist” Macron and the extreme right has been defeated – or has it? Today we discuss the ramifications of what happened and what might be going forward.

World War 3?

The world is getting crazier day by day – Trump is president and North Korea is in the news every day. Does this mean world war 3? Probably not, and here’s (probably/hopefully) why.

Sunny Ways

Today we discuss the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau and how well they’ve been governing Canada so far. Also, bonus discussion about the Conservative and NDP leadership races at the end!

Is Trump a Fascist?

Today we discuss the first few tumultuous weeks of the Trump presidency and whether or not he represents fascism in America.

2016: A Year in Review

A look back on the veritably shitty year of 2016 and all of the crappy (and some of


Here we are. Trump is presdient. How the fuck did this happen and what do we do now?

America WTAF 2016

As the election comes closer November seems to be getting further away. When will the madness stop? Seriously though, what the actual fuck is going on South of the boarder? What will a Clinton presidency look like? Does Trump represent a deeper rift in American society that won’t go away come 2017? What is the


Today we discuss cars: Why they are best friends with capitalism, and what are some better alternatives.

New Atheism

New Atheism – the likes of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens – is it a progressive force in society or a reactionary one, or both? We indulge in a debate fueled by cheap wine and childhood experiences with evangelical religious groups.

Bye Bye Mulcair also What is the Leap Manifesto?

Thomas Mulcair has officially lost his bid to stay at the helm of the federal NDP – what comes next? Also, what is the Leap Manifesto that the NDP wishes to discuss, what the the actual fuck is going on in the United States Presidential Election right now?

America…Still Voting 2016

America is still voting! Two populist movements on both the Democrats and Republicans are still going strong. What will happen next?

Internet vs. Capitalism

What limits does Capitalism place on the Internet, and what limits does the Internet place on Capitalism?

America Votes 2016

It’s only ~300 days until the election so we might as well start talking about it now.