Save Canada Post feat. CUPW Pres. Mike Palecek

Today on the show we have the president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers Mike Palecek! We talk about the future of Canada Post, why CUPW is such a radical and progressive organisation, the spectre of privatisation, the labour and class struggle in general and even the looming threat of anthropogenic climate change. Change

Ginger Goodwin was Good and Cool

As is tradition, the folks at Out of Left Field attended the yearly Miner’s Memorial event up in Cumberland, British Columbia. Today we share with you the story of Ginger Goodwin, one of Canada’s greatest labour heroes who helped shape the history of the union struggle in Canada for the rest of time. We share

Dude Where’s My NDP

Joining us today is Ian from the BC politics podcast Politicoast! We talk about the recent Ontario election and discuss why the NDP doesn’t seem to be able to win elections in a meaningful way.

The Venezuelan Situation feat. Elias

On today’s episode we turn our attention down South to Venezuela! With the amount of attention that the country is getting from both the mainstream press and right wing groups we decided to get the Socialist perspective on the crisis that the country is facing. Joining us today is an activist based in Caracas who

Ontario Votes 2018

An election in Ontario draws near! The polls are neck and neck between the Conservatives and the NDP. Is Doug Ford Canada’s Trump? Would the NDP be able to fend off the challanges of free market capitalism? Should we put toddlers on power generating bicycles to solve both expensive daycare and unaffordable hydro rates in

Ready Player One (a review)

Today we try something a little different with our first film review of Ready Player One! We compare the book (which was much better) to the film, the cyberpunk genre and how it relates to the post-Cold-War era of history, the inability of Hollywood to truly grasp the anti-capitalist nature of the novel as well

Freeze Peach feat. Leigh Phillips

Today we discuss the hot topic of freedom of speech. Do we give a platform to fascists? Does hate speech have a place? Is Ben a hypocrite for celebrating the takedown of The Daily Stormer while also celebrating the death of Antony Scalia? Tune in now to find out. If you want to read Leigh’s

Victoria! A City Just for You!

Come to Victoria! A city just for you! Music credit: “Presenterator” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Mental Health is Best Health feat. Ryan Painter

<iframe width=”100%” height=”166″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” allow=”autoplay” src=””></iframe> Today we have mental health & NDP activist Ryan on the show to talk about the work he does advocating for the rights and interests of those with mental health issues and needs. We also talk about the issues & challanges with the Canadian health care system in

The NGO Industrial Complex

Today we talk about neoliberalism and the NGO “industrial complex”. Can charities enact real substantive change? Have NGO’s just been co-opted by “the system” or can they actually make the world a better place? We discuss this with our guest Dakota, and also talk briefly about whether or not Jagmeet Singh can answer a yes

NDP 2018 Convention Recap

Today we have two special guests on the show to discuss the recent federal NDP convention. We discuss some of the highlights from the event, the state of internal democracy within the party and chat at length about the controversy surrounding the resolution regarding Israel/Palestine.

PoMO versus Loberstboi

Our comrade Avery is back on the show to discuss postmodernism and the modern right-wing backlash and co-opting of its ideas.

The Internet of Shyte feat. JP

For our first interview of 2018 we talk about bills C-51 and C-59, government survaillance, computer security issues and the state of the Internet with special guest JP a cyber security specialist.

No Timbits No Justice No Peace

Today we discuss the minimum wage and why it should also be a living wage, as well as the spectre of automation of work under capitalisism. The minimum wage should be a living wage around the world and any economic system that cannot deliver this should question its own motives.

2017 a Year in Review

Our 2017 wrap up episode looking back on some of the most important issues throughout the last year.